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Welcome to the home page for I am Matthew Campling, an Accredited Member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and in 2009 I achieved a Post-Grad Certificate in CBT/Anxiety/Depression. You can read more about me by clicking on About Me.

I facilitate an ongoing 1-day workshop for Therapists - 'Understanding and Working with Eating Disorders from the Inside' - please click on Workshops.

In my late teens I developed anorexia. With no outside support, I had to look deep inside myself in order to recover my normal eating and living patterns. I wrote about my experience in ‘Therapy Today’, the house magazine for the BACP.
You can read about my experience titled ‘A Do-It-Yourself Cure for Anorexia’ by clicking on Articles, reprinted from Therapy Today. 

Whether you are searching for information for someone else, or yourself, you will find an explanation of how an eating disorder comes about in ‘Who is Vulnerable, and When’ and ‘How does an Eating Disorder come about?’ by clicking on Basis

You will find details of my eating disorder recovery method and model in ‘How does Campling’s eating disorder recovery method and model work? by clicking on Cure.
By clicking on Testimonials, you can read about how people are responding to my work.
By clicking on Excerpts you can read paragraphs from a chapter on recovering from an eating disorder that I have written for a forthcoming book. 

For information on being overweight, please click on Overweight.

I work with clients in London and Lincolnshire and you can contact me through Contact.
I hope my site is helpful to you. 

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Matthew Campling.